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Dictionary of escort services

18 Mar

Normal sex: This is the name of what it is considered as being sexually normal in many cultures.

Oral without condom: This also known as the OWO and it is making the oral sex without using the condom.

Deep-throat: This is the act, in which the penis is inserted to the mouth and it penetrate into the throat. Even if it can be a chore for someone who has no skills in this area, it normally feels good for the other partner.

Anal sex: This is the sex in the anal by inserting the penis or other objects in the anus.

French kiss: The kisses with enough tongue contact.

Sex between breasts: This is putting the penis between someone’s breasts.

69: The partners who do the oral sex on one another at the same time.

Girlfriend experience: This is the service offered by a sex worker but she will act as if she is a girlfriend to the client rather than a paid escort. Here they can eat together; they can talk, hug, kiss or do French kiss.

A-level: These are the services which are considered as the best services available.

5 star services: This is the services which are considered to be of the highest quality and excellence.

Cum on face (COF): The woman lets her man ejaculates in her face; this is also called face painting

Cum in mouth (CIM): The woman lets the man ejaculate in the mouth without a condom

Cum on body (COB): The woman let the man to ejaculate on her body.

Hand-job: Also known as manual release or hand release, it is the stimulation of the person’s penis using fingers and hands.

Role-play: This is a situation whereby the partners to spicy up their love life, they can assume a particular role or character.

Bisexual (for couples): This is for couple who are interested in having the sex with women or men. It is different from the homosexual because the person is interested in the people of the same sex while the heterosexual, the person is interested only in the people of opposite sex.

Group sex (with men): This is having sexual intercourse with many men and it can happen within different genders and orientations.

Lesbian show: This is a show of the women having sex with other women.

Extreme fantasies: This is an imagined situation whereby what the person thinks about but has nothing with the reality; however, it expresses aims and the desires of the person who experience them.

Bondage: This is a term from the slavery and it means the sexually slavery where a person can be restrained on the ceiling, posts or beds.

Mistress: This is a woman who is kept by a married man for sexually needs.

Company for parties: This is when escort may come together with a person for party but they can also involve in sex

Erotic massage: This is a kind of message, which can rouse someone sexually.

Striptease: This is a performance where a person may be naked or can remove the clothing in the accompaniment of music.

Travel in other cities:  Escort travel to other city in her country or internationally

Travel in other countries: This is may mean someone who looks for sexual satisfaction in other countries.

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